Can advances Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and robotics eventually produce Creative Entities?

Written and Music Video by Vladimiro Di Vito (George Duke REACH FOR IT)

Can advances in Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and robotics eventually produce Creative Entities capable of Real Human Feeling and Natural Spontaneous Creativity to Understand Art as well as Create Art equally or better than humans?

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I, explored this intriguing question in a couple of thought-provoking performance videos using 80’s dance masterpieces.

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His premise is: What would performances by robots look like? And could a robot create the same emotional response as that of a beautiful piece of music, or art, or dance by a human performer?

In other words: These are videos of a human, pretending to be a robot, pretending to be a human. Take a moment to wrap your brain around that one! Interesting conundrum.

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It could be that robots could become the entertainers of the future. Possible? Certainly. But at what cost? And would we feel fulfilled?

Granted the work could no doubt be beautiful, elegant, and thrilling. But it would probably be in a cadenced, complicated mathematical kind of way? Would it have…emotion? Or the SOUL?

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The beauty of human creativity is there’s the thrill of the unexpected in every work: What’s next? Why did the artist zig instead of zag? Why red instead of blue? Or why that dissonant, jarring E flat that sends shivers up your spine instead of a more comforting C major? Or could a machine create that beautiful soaring note of a distinctive voice that no other singer can duplicate?

Artists with their instincts, physical abilities, imaginations, and ability to randomly change their minds, create works that thrill, inspire, elate, keep us on edge, and make the audience go “Now WHY didn’t I think of that???”

When you think about it, art is about human connection, the understanding of feelings, ideas, emotions. Could a piece of art created by a machine do the same? Possibly.

But if the machine can do that, then would there still be a need for humans?

Throughout time, artists have always made use of the latest technology to express their creativity. And as new technology comes along in the future I’m sure they will make use of it as well.

But somewhere down the road could come to that tipping point where the technology bypasses the artist. What then?

Are we creating planned obsolescence for ourselves? Is there a happy middle ground where peaceful co-creativity can occur?


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