Hard Journey in Life left me some skills and abilities able to motivate and redirect People into the Serenity of Life spiritually and emotionally.

By Vladimiro Di Vito

More than 15 yrs ago I did promise to myself to dedicate my life to the Universe with devotion, loyalty, Universal love.

I became Buddhist and the meditations together with devotion and creativity now are my strength.

I did start lots of researches and studies in al fronts as philosophy, metaphysics, sciences, modern technologies, people, life, challenges, etc.

Commitment and beliefs in continuous evolution let me in part achieve the knowledge that I am sure the Universe asks me to eventually have a personal mission.

I must be honest that is a road of sacrifice, unknown, tears, loneliness, commitment and feel guilty if someday I neglect my duty to spend words or helping people. and feel tired, but all worked up.

I did experience a very dark corner of life and I see my body decline day by day for a possible terminal Ill.

As today I am proud and serene to took this road and became warrior and survival at the same time.

I am a student still of Life’s School also a servant with all humilities and manners in place of Mother Nature and the Universe all.

But the jury still out, and I will fight for a positive response till the end.

I am really satisfied that my hard work I get recognized often around the World for media attention.

I still in total evolution and Iregonize the power of Jesus Christ as the King.

Like today I can also define myself as a cosmopolitan man, with a humanistic obligation to promote social rights and political justice at the global level. And, also I feel the obligation too to try to moderate hate, destructive gossip, ignorance, manipulations, and control of minorities.

Definitely is continuous learning teaching daily lessons


Vladimiro Di Vito

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