My experience with King County Police Seattle and my death sentence.

By Vladimiro Di Vito (personal experience)

All, start with talking after work on May 12, 2015, with one unknown guest of the house where I was tenant, discussing the problem that, this young man wasn’t behaving respectfully with all of us, owner included. This man (also bodybuilder on steroids) snapped and threw me on the floor and I broke one rib and injured my neck.

Not happy, he tried to strangle me ferociously with a martial art technique, in desperation, I pulled a few of his curly long hairs to free myself from sure death.

It is extremely important to note that only a few months before I received a very delicate 14 hour-long open-heart surgery to implant 4 bypasses during which I also suffered 3 mild strokes that made recuperation and healing time sadly much longer.

I was so in pain and exhausted that I went into my room to laid down with no power whatsoever to dial 911. Instead, the guest called 911 claiming to be the victim of vicious attack and fear to get killed with only a few ridiculously curly hairs lost.

The 911 took around 25-35 minutes to arrive, and the home was totally calm and I was trying to sleep with ice packets and some bandage around my rib cage on my injury.

When they arrive at the residence, the owner also my friend in a very casual and welcoming way lets the officers step in the house without and irresponsibly even try to discuss prior to entry, my health conditions.

They rudely woke me with multiple officers yelling at me at the same time while in bed sleeping.

You guys can imagine how dangerously frightening it is to open your eyes in that contest.

I was terrorized, confused, blood pressure skyrocketing, palpitations, and angina in my chest with a total absence of your language as Italian caressing my vocal cords.

To make the story short, they made me stand up understanding nothing. I felt I was in a nightmare and still sleeping as I watched them pull their tasers out. in a panic, I pulled open my pajamas and showed them the surgery scars begging them to not fire and let me talk.

The last thing I saw was a young officer with a sneer on his face, then an unimaginable pain in my chest as I blacked out.

I was dragged naked by my bare-foot, across the hard floor all the way from the bedroom, through the house, out the door, and down the 30-foot cement path, wet from the strong rain, and threw me in the back of the squad car, denying me the ambulance that was just behind and was denied to access in. And the cherry on the cake? They slammed the car door on my feet injuring my ankle too.

After 400.000 dollar bail unpaid of course (with a clean record), 17 days of jail with no medication, I was forced (with the threaten of risk one year jail and die there) to plaid guilty without the possibility to claim my version of the facts.

The misdemeanor was granted around another 8 months in CCAP unit recovery and categorized as a dangerous criminal.

I found out later that maybe all that shame happen because the owner also my best friend, state that maybe I did forget to take all my medications that day and I change my attitude (false because I did take) plus saw a nife in my hands while in my bedroom after the confront was already done (false because was only a little letter opener took from my side bed trying to cut some bandage also with no success for tight my rib cage ). But he confesses me later after months that was the “victim”(my attacker) that did confuse him at the point to declare false statement and btw on the Police report there is not a knife mentioned.

In the meantime, his ex-bf that was living in the house came back from work and without being present to the occurrence, he went to file charges against me for destroying property (a plastic little zen fountain values 13 dollars). This man was also a paralegal and the host of my attacker.

The first week, while in CCAP (for 8 months) I was again a victim of another heart attack (number 8), and one stroke in the ambulance.

In the hospital, they found out that 3 of the 4 bypasses implant went destroyed as a result of the taser 3 weeks prior, basically, a one million dollars surgery went vaporized thanks to the need for an orgasmic rush of 2 seconds of the shooter officer.

Now my question to you is: how possible that a 52-year-old man at that time, in that debilitating condition was able to defend himself from a young bodybuilder and become a ninja also like him? I would love to ask that judge mom and that young mean police officer at that time if they did even remotely think if I was able to fight.

Very recently I got diagnosed terminal ill as a result of what they did with the tease is incurable and sadly my heart function is around 35% and unable to go for a brief walk with my puppy or go for shopping or be a regular man on the street.

Now my “life” is all dedicated to protecting minorities and kindly trying to help people. I did let go of my hunger in the name of my faith with no possibility of suing nobody and becoming poor.


Happy Ending Vladimiro!

Someone stole my past, present, and future

Bless You All Police Included


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